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Bambi increases VT warranty to 2 years

Posted by Bambi in News on May 22, 2011

We are delighted to announce that we have extended the manufacturers warranty on our VT range from one to two years, the range has now a proven track record in the field and this move will increase our customers confidence in these excellent products. The two year warranty is dependent on the machine being serviced on an annual basis to ensure that it’s performance is kept at an optimal level. The 5 year warranty on the air receiver is unchanged.

Bambi Launch 4 new Compressor models in the VT range

Posted by Bambi in News on April 22, 2011

We are delighted to announce the launch of the VT250, VT250D and their silenced equivalents VTS250 and VTS250D.

Following our policy of continued improvement, and having listened to our customers needs, these models will fill a gap in the VT range, ensuring that we have the most complete offer in the marketplace for any clean-air critical application.

The new models carry over the same industry leading technological features from the rest of the range – all models are fitted with a SoftStart system, discharging the pressure into the pump whenever the power is disconnected, protecting the compressor from overload and extending the service life. Internally coated, anti-corrosion air receivers are fitted across the range ensuring the air is contamination free.

The VT250D and VTS250D and model are equipped with our integral desiccant air dryer. Whenever air is compressed, moisture naturally present in the atmosphere is squeezed out and condenses in the air receiver, this can cause problems in certain applications. Bambi Air Dryers deliver Desert Dry air. The multi row, fan assisted after-cooler reduces the air temperature prior to entering the dryer. Dramatically reducing the air temperature enables the integral coalescing filter to collect and remove water droplets as small as 0.01 microns. In this way we remove 99% moisture content before the desiccant adsorption system powers the dryness right Constructed from high quality “Inox” stainless steel, the dryer regenerates itself every time the compressor cycles and requires no regular maintenance. A downstream HE dust filter removes any residual dust, leaving only pure high quality air.

All models are available from stock today, for more information call the Bambi Sales team on 0121 322 2299

The DDA (Disability Discrimination Act)

Posted by Bambi in News on August 22, 2006

The DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) requires those bodies responsible for buildings to make proper provision for disabled access into their buildings.  To meet this requirement many door companies produce a retrofit powered opening system, the most reliable of these are pneumatically powered.

Many of these are in super noise sensitive environments, libraries, museums, office buildings, care homes and hotels.  Bambi’s recently updated range of silent running air compressors is the perfect solution to the problem of supplying compressed air in this difficult environment.

With noise levels as low as 40 dB(A) – less than a domestic refrigerator, Bambi compressors are fully automatic in operational and when fitted with an optional automatic receiver condensate drain become virtually maintenance free.

Air receivers are internally powder coated to prevent against corrosion carry a 3 – 5 year warranty depending on model and are available from 9 – 50 litre capacities.  A standard fit 10 micron air filter & adjustable pressure regulator means connection to the door system is quick and convenient and because they are so quiet can be easily sited anywhere convenient.

With our knowledge and experience of this growing application Bambi supplies the leading door opening system suppliers both here and in Europe.

Birmingham, city of a 1000 trades and the home of Bambi

Posted by Bambi in News on February 22, 2006

Birmingham, city of a 1000 trades and the home of Bambi – the U.K.’s only manufacturer of specialist air compressors.

In a market crowded with imported and often inferior equipment, Bambi stands proud of its reputation from its base in this strong and vibrant industrial city.

Bambi is a major contributor to the nation’s wealth, and exports to more than 50 countries employing 29 people in their manufacturing, sales & design departments.

But what does all this mean for the OEM customer in the UK ??  When you buy a Bambi compressor you are investing in a world class beating compressor, backed up by a local, factory based after sales – service, where all machines and of equal importance, spare parts are held in stock no more than a few hours away from your site.

Recently, Bambi was approached by an Essex based producer of automatic door systems to produce a back up compressed air system for times when the mains power failed particularly in rural areas.  Many of their doors are situated in residential care homes for the elderly.

Bambi is already supplying them with their low noise compressors for normal use and naturally was the first choice for a solution to their problem.

Specifying their VM/351 series diaphragm compressor in 12 volt enabled their customer to offer a compact low noise air supply.  Easily powered by a battery, this was the ideal low cost solution they were looking for.

“We’ve designed a pneumatically controlled microfilm camera, but we forgot about the air supply!”

Posted by Bambi in News on January 22, 2006

“We’ve designed a pneumatically controlled microfilm camera, but we forgot about the air supply !” – an everyday request for the people at Bambi who specialise in silent running air compressors.

The major criteria was that the compressor had to be very quiet because the camera was designed to be located in a library environment, so silence please were the key words.

Bambi selected a 75/150 model from their Medical/Dental range.  Having a 0.5 Hp Motor, 78 l/min output, 8 Bar maximum pressure and 15 litre air receiver, this is the only compressor of its type fitted with piston rings to eliminate oil carryover to the air supply.  A standard fit 10 micron air filter and adjustable pressure regulator comes as standard.  And of course just 52 dB(A) when running.

The client was delighted, as they want to sell a complete package including the air compressor because most of their potential customers are unlikely to have an existing air supply.  Not having air could have been an obstacle to selling their camera system.  Own branding is an option for later on.

When asked about routine maintenance, Bambi suggested that for little extra cost they could fit an automatic air receiver condensate drain.  Convenient, easy and surprisingly competitively priced, the client was over the moon and because Bambi stock all their models, was able to launch the system at a major European Archive & Printing trade show at very short notice.

Just in a days’ work for Bambi, the only UK manufacturer of silent running & oil free compressors.

Brand New Oil Free Compressor with revolutionary Air Dryer !

Posted by Bambi in News on October 22, 2005

With ever more sophisticated equipment and techniques in use in today’s surgery, the demand for ultra clean and ultra dry air has never been stronger.  To meet this exacting demand, Bambi has developed its all new VT Range of oil free compressors.

Packed with innovative features and technological advances, this new range has unique benefits not normally found on compressors at this price level.  With their very low noise when running, they can be located very near to the surgery and internally coated air receivers ensure corrosion free, hygienic air is always delivered.  And because every model has a soft start valve the compressor can be turned off remotely without causing harm.

Bambi has thought of everything, with a model line-up of over 10 models, there is a model available for the smallest rural practice right up to the busiest 8 surgery practice.

For this new range, Bambi has developed a revolutionary air dryer system, available on every model.  An integral multi row after-cooler and integral coalescing filter removes 99% moisture solids from the air before it enters the stainless steel drying tower.  In this way we achieve a Dewpoint of a class leading -40°C.   The air dryer also eliminates the need to drain the air receiver.

But what does all this mean for today’s busy dental surgeon ?? Peace of mind and confidence in the knowledge that there is no higher quality air compressor available at this price level, whether the treatment being offered is routine or the most sophisticated cosmetic dentistry.

“Tilting Piston” gives major benefits!

Posted by Bambi in News on September 22, 2005

With its unique blend of performance, specification and above all price, Bambi’s oil free range has firmly established itself as the brand leader in the laboratory market,

Their comprehensive range extends from the smallest fully automatic, oil free and ultra compact VT75 right up to the high output VT400D – a complete air station.

Based around a tilting piston concept with the benefits of low noise, vibration free running and ultra reliability, all models are available with a fully integrated air dryer for the ultimate oil free air supply.  Perfect for Gas Generation, AA, GC, Auto Sampling and many other laboratory applications.

Single Source Oil Free, Dry and Maintenance Free Compressed Air

Posted by Bambi in News on July 22, 2005

Oil free compressed air is essential on all water industry sites, and Bambi’s recent expansion into the production of diaphragm pumps means they offer the most comprehensive single source of oil free compressors from any UK producer.

In addition to the environmental benefits, oil free air means dramatically improved longevity of air operated equipment and massive reduction in maintenance time as regular oil changes are consigned to the 19th Century !

Versions are available to meet the need of every application from powering remote monitoring stations to the highest quality air for laboratories and research establishments.

From stock they are able to offer :-

  • 12 or 24 volt DC or 110volt, 220/240 volt single & three phase options
  • vacuum up to 948 mbr and pressure up to 8 Bar

Receiver mounted models start off with an ultra compact 15 litre capacity with full 8 bar maximum pressure right up to high capacity 100 litre receivers and 400 litre / minute output.  These high quality, high specification air stations can be equipped with integral air dryers achieving –400 C dew point.  Requiring no regular maintenance, the auto-regenerating air dryer is maintenance free and comes with internally coated air receivers for contamination free air.